Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Separation Anxiety: Am I Being to Harsh?

My son and I have experienced many changes over the last few months and I have noticed that he's more clingy to me than he used to. He also requires my assistance more with tasks he used to happily assume on his own. Unfortunately, most of this happens at nighttime after I have already had a long day (I rise around 5:45am everyday) and I know that I don't always respond in the best way because I am beat and just want some peace. A little reprieve from playing, reading, and other motherly duties.

A little background...Before we moved, my son slept in his own bed, in his own room, all night. Once I put him down there really wasn't much more after that unless he was sick. Now, it's a major production... which is understandable (because of the new surroundings and he has a big boy bed) however this has lasted for nearly three months! If I deviate from our normal routine in anyway he has meltdowns or "refuses" (meaning stays awake quietly in his bed for hours) until I come into the room and sleep with him. I don't know about you all but after 8:00pm it's mommy time. I need those two hours before I put myself to bed to recharge and prepare for yet another day. Although things are getting better, I still wonder if I have somehow damaged my son.

What are you thoughts?

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  1. Nope, you haven't done anything. My daughter does the same exact thing...I now put her socks and shoes on to get out of the house and avoid meltdowns, she asks every night for me to sleep with her when at one point, she did all of this in a timely and peaceful manner. I think it's the age...maybe 4 is the magic number! LOL BTW, this is Makeda...